Went to the gym in the building this morning. A lot of people pay quite a lot of money to join gym, and there is this little gym place in the building that costs nothing, so I think I should use it sometimes. I have been thinking of doing some exercise for quite some time. I did it once and that last for a week, hope this time can last longer and it would be really nice if it becomes a part of my daily life.

There was this really well groomed woman at the gym, her hair was perfect and she was reading a book while riding the bicycle in an elegant way. Then she went on to treadmill and walked elegantly. As for me, I just went there without washing my face, and I was nearly died after only 10 minutes on the bicycle. My legs were so sore that I wanted to chop them off. However, now I prefer the bicycle thing instead of treadmill, because I can sit down while doing exercise.

Exercise is good, I wasn’t feeling tired even around 7PM. Usually I start to feel sleepy around 4 or 5 PM, but I was full of energy today.