Work was busy today, spent hours and hours on reassigning incidents. This to India, this to China and this one goes to Japan. Oh! Wait! This one should go to India as well! Arrhh!! Reassign again! Quickly! Felt like a robot, doing the same thing over and over again. After 1 hour, all the actions became reflex. Click, click, check, check, click, click, select, paste, then submit. I’m a robot that make a lot of mistakes, but no one seems to care. As long as I don’t make huge mistake. Now, I wish I could reassign my sadness to other people and reassign all the happiness to myself.

Today, they are going to show the last episode of Sex and The City in another 2 hours here. Heard that a lot of people recognize themselves as one of the four actresses. Not me! I’m unsuccessful, miserable, no connections and I don’t have a single friend that I can go out with on a regular basis.

Didn’t exercise today, because I started work at 7am, couldn’t wake up early enough to exercise, have shower and be on time for work. After work, I was too tired to do anything. Didn’t exercise during the weekend either, because weekend is for bludging! Nothing is better than a relaxed weekend. Just watch tv, listen to music, chat on line or just do nothing.