ummm…. my memory sux, I cant rememeber what exactly happened one or two days ago. However, there are fragments of memories from my earlier days that sometimes fly in front of my eyes.

I was living at the southern part of Taiwan until I was 8, life there was simple and easy at that time. I started to learn ballet when I was about 3 years old, it used to be my favourate and last for more than 10 years. I also learnt how to play piano in my early childhood. One day, my mom said to me “we cannot afford both courses, which course would you like to continue to do?” I selected ballet. Thinking now, that was the first major decision I made myself about my life.

My mom used to sell second hand books at the road side with other wives from the same building we were living during weekends to earn some pocket money. It was a fun memory, we little kids were playing with each other while the mothers gossiped. Very often, only 1 or 2 books were sold for whole day, but everybody had fun.

My brother and I used to be chased by dogs a lot, usualy it was just a small chase. One day, my brother was being chased by a very mean dog and was running around and crying. Suddenly, I had this strange courage and then I stood in between my brother and the dog with a rock in my hand. I looked into the eyes of the dog and pretended to throw the rock at it. I could feel the dog was not very happy about it at first, but finally it walked away.