I love shopping! But I don’t go shopping very often, it happened to me once, I didn’t buy anything besides groceries for a full year! Anyway, the reasons I don’t go shopping are: 1. Don’t have enough money; 2. I’m too lazy. Too lazy to go into the changing room. Also, I can’t find anything to buy most of the times. All those clothes look good on those display models, but as soon as I put them on, they look totally different!

I went shopping today and yesterday. I bought new clothes and a pair of new shoes. I found out that most of my summer clothes are not suitable for work, only few are alright, but they are all in black. I know black is cool and I do like black clothes, but it looks hot in summer! Also, the older I get, the more I like colors, especially pinkish color. Just like what my mom said “The older you get, the cuter you want to be!”. So yesterday, I bought two pink tops and one pink skirt. The shoe is also pink!

Today, I bought new bedsheet and quilt cover sets. Two sets actually, one bedsheet set and the other one quilt cover set. I can’t seem to find just the bedsheet, all of them come in a set, fitted sheet, flat sheet, plus two pillow cases. I don’t know what to do with the flatsheet, it doesn’t work on my bed. And what do I do with four pillow cases? (The quilt cover set also came with 2 pillow cases). Well, I do have five pillows, but usually I only use one. I just put the other four on the bed so it doesn’t look too empty.