Don’t know where to start, work has been hectic for the past few days. For some reason, we have to ask people to upgrade their hardware. We have to contact all of them so they can finish the upgrade by the end of this year in the APAC region. I don’t think it’s a big project, but I sure think it is a messy project. First of all, we had to decided who takes care of which countries, then make a list to keep track on things. Twice a week, I have to gather the lists from people in my team and come up with the numbers.

I don’t know why our team have to do this task. The same task is handled by different teams in the U.S. and Europe branches. I asked my supervisor this question, his answer was because we don’t have the human resource at our office, so our team have to handle this.

I have a feeling that we are left alone by our main office. We are the least important branch of the organization, our problems are not problems. The development team in the U.S. just solved a problem, which last for more than half year, for us recently because they now have this big project. Without that project, our problem may not be solved any at all.

Anyway, my say doesn’t count.