Now, sitting in the dark, looking at the computer and putting down my thoughts in the blog. Just woke up feeling really sick. Headache, can’t stop burping, and hot. Don’t want to turn the light on, everything seems too bright at the moment, even the monitor. The radio is set to station 106.5, now it is playing love song dedication, the program I listen to when I feel depressed. I still logged into IRC, people are chatting, but I don’t feel like joining them.

It’s only Monday today, still four more days to go till weekend. Although I still like weekends, I don’t feel excited about weekends anymore. Now, the only thing good about weekends is that I don’t need to go to office. I want a break from work. The last real break I took was more than one year ago. Took two weeks off and went to Perth by myself. I want to go somewhere away from Sydney, but I don’t like the idea traveling by myself.

I’m not the kind of person who can manage to have a great life by oneself. I need someone to share things with. Some one who can take care of me and also needs me.