Some people are good at theory, the talk talk all the time. Like my auntie, she can tell you how to cook a wonderful feast, how much salt, how much sugar, how to cut or chop. However, as soon as you put her in the kitchen, she doesn’t know how to cook, she doesn’t even know how to hold a knife.

I’m sort of like that at work. In theory, I know how to deal with each problem and if I can recreate the problems, I know how to solve them myself. However, when a call comes in with the same problem, sometimes I get panic. It usually depends on the attitudes of the people who call. Some people are calm, they describe problems in details in a friendly way. Under such situation, it is also easier for me to help them to solve the problems. My brain functions better under such condition. Other times, as soon as I answer the phone, I start to hear all sorts of blaming words. Such as “how come your system is so poorly designed?” or “why is your system giving me this much trouble?”. Most of the times, I find it’s difficult to help them, because I panic, my thoughts become unclear, and my brain totally shuts down.

This leads to another thing, most of the times, our system doesn’t function properly due to human errors. Such as the program is not installed properly or the operators select the wrong choices. Then they ask why the program allows them to do so. Sometimes I want to ask them, how come your brain does not work properly? Use your brain to think! Our system is not designed to help you to make decision nor to correct your own errors. Our system only does what users tell it to do.