I hate Mondays, it is the start of five working days. Five stupid working days. I woke up late today. I’m suppose to start working at 7 AM every Monday, and today I woke up at 7 AM! I thought something wrong with my alarm clock, it didn’t go off at the usual time. I checked the alarm clock after I got home then found out it was set to 7:40. No wonder it didn’t go off. Lucky I live so close to the office and I can be very efficient when I want to. I arrived at office around 7:15 AM.

Work is boring as usual, it’s nearly X’mas time, things become quiet around this time. However, it doesn’t mean we can get a few days off, we have to sit in the office, near the phone and bore ourselves to death. According to my experience, things are always quiet in most December days, but something major would happen near X’mas. Why isn’t X’mas a public holiday in every country?!?! It doesn’t have to be X’mas, just get some excuses and have one or two days off. Better if they can get the whole week off, or even best, don’t need to work till after New Year.