Although it is summer in Australia, today’s weather is still bit cold. It was raining in the morning, then cloudy all day. Just now, standing at the balcony, I had to put a jacket on. Today is December 25th, so called Christmas day. I cannot remember what I did this day last year. Today, I stay at home, did not go out. I didn’t even step outside my unit. I did some cleaning and watched television for nearly whole day. However, I cannot remember what was on, most of them were Christmas related movies, shows or songs.

Suddenly, I wish I was with my family, even though we do not celebrate Christmas. My mom would take me out with her to some parties. I quite like to go out with my mom and her friends, they talk about everything. I learnt a lot from them when I went out with them, learnt to view things from different angles.

Another week, then this year will end and a new year starts. Growing up is not fun, especially during these few years. Struggling with life and taking responsibilities of everything. I think I had enough, been through almost everything that most people would go through. There’s no regret if my life ends tomorrow.