Seems like everyone is having baby now. On Thursday, got a phone call from a site said a person could not take his exam because his wife just gave birth. My manager’s wife is also pregnant and the baby is due any time, maybe the baby has been born at this time. One of my colleague gave birth about six months ago, a beautiful baby boy. She took him to the office few weeks ago, he was so cute. Also, one of my ex colleague is also pregnant, about four months now.

Few years back, I said to myself, “I will never have a kid”. The nine months pregnant period sounds terrible. The process of giving birth sounds painful, and raise a kid is such a headache. I wasn’t a good kid when I was young, and now I feel sorry for the parents.

However, now I want my own baby. I don’t know how to raise the little baby by myself, I don’t know if I can support both the little baby and me on my salary. I don’t know if I should have a baby at all. I smoke, so the baby may not be healthy, and it will be unfair to the baby if I have one. I hope I will have a kid one day.