Last night, Discovery channel aired a program, Made in Taiwan: flavors, which talked about different kinds of dishes available in Taiwan. I’m from Taiwan and I love Taiwanese food. However, I could never say what’s so special about them until last night. You can find all sorts of dishes from different nationalities in Taiwan and they are very nice. The program said that you can find the best Japanese food outside Japan in Taiwan.

There are many different kind of food with different price tags. For instance, beef noodle, one of my favorite dishes. You can find it from NTD100 to NTD9,000, I didn’t know you can have a bowel of beef noodle for 9,000 Taiwan Dollars until last night. I think I would enjoy more with the 100 dollars one. I also thought beef noodle was originated from China, but you cannot find anything similar in China. The beef noodle in Taiwan combined different flavors from different China provinces and developed its unique taste.

Although there are a lot of fine food available in restaurants across Taiwan, I always find my favorite in the street stands. They are so cheap yet so yummy.