Long long time ago, I went to hair salon and wanted to have a hair cut, the hairdresser said to me “wow! You have a lot of chemicals built up on the hair”. Okay! How could that happen?! I asked myself at that time. I don’t usually use styling products, maybe twice a year, so where these chemicals came from? A few days ago, I saw an article on a magazine. Apparently, by just using shampoo, conditioner and treatment products can build up those “chemicals”! Maybe I need to read more magazines and search for more beauty tips.

On that magazine, it says, to break up those build-ups, rub some baby oil into dry hair. So, I went to supermarket and bought a bottle of baby oil, got home, rub the baby oil into my dirty dry hair. Surprisingly, it didn’t feel oily at all, but the problem started when I wanted to wash it off. According to the magazine, to achieve a better result, just pour the shampoo on to hair without using water, and that was what I did, but no matter how much shampoo I pour onto the hair, it just disappeared. At the end, I got into the shower and spent at least 15 minutes to wash all those baby oil away. It was very troublesome. The result? Not bad. The hair smells kinda nice (baby oil smell), feels kinda smooth, and looks shiny (maybe because it’s still oily?).

Will I use the baby oil on my hair again? Maybe, I have no other use for the baby oil. Or…. who knows….