Went to ice skating with friends today, it was a painful but fun experience. I only fell once, which is not too bad for a first timer I think. However, it was a nasty fall. My bum hit the ice first, and for some reason I ended up with the stomach on the ice, totally flat and my clothes and jeans were all wet. I didn’t know how to get up, and there was no one to help me to get up at first till my friend came to help me. And what’s worse, there were three guys stood there and laughing at me.

At first, the ice was good, then it started to melt and there’s water every where. It’s not a good news, water makes it slippery. At the end, I went home with a small bruise on my right palm, my bum hurts, and a big bruising lump on my left knee. Also, because I don’t usually exercise, my legs are sore till now.

Will I skate on ice again? Maybe I will, just need to wait I forget about the painful experience part.

Note: my bruised knee picture, not very clear, but still can see that big purple circle…