ouch ouch

Don’t know how to explain, but it like pulled a muscle or something like that, on the lower left neck. It started when I was in around 15 or so, due to bad sleeping position, and never recovered from it totally. So sometimes I wake up with a neck ache during winter, and it becomes more often in recent years.

Yesterday, I lifted my arm when yawning, and then, it happened. I felt a sharp pain on the lower left neck and couldn’t turn my head much. It was so painful that I didn’t get much sleep last night. Today, I went to some massage clinic and wanted to book an appointment. Never did it before because I’m afraid of the pain it would cause. But today, I thought better solve this problem, so I can sleep at night time. The bad news is that the clinic doesn’t have the right time for me… Guess I’ll have to suffer till it goes away itself……..