Finally made up my mind to spend 900 to buy a new computer, not like this computer doesn’t work, but it is slow, and sometimes it doesn’t boot properly and keeps rebooting itself. The computer I’m using now is a mini PC. Very tiny, which was good for me, need less space. However, as the software grows bigger and bigger, consumes more and more CPU and other resources, my little computer cannot handle jobs easily. I thought about upgrade it, which means I have to buy a new all in one board, which adds up with the similar price. So, eh…

Selected everything myself, was thinking about Athlon 64, but the price is much higher. So I settled for XP. My first AMD CPU, wonder how it will be like. Was thinking about getting those glowing water cooling tubes too, but it actually looks scary.

The installation part would be annoying. Have to install the OS, patch the OS, then all other bits and pieces.

Haven’t decided on what the small computer will be used for. I may start to learn Linux. HA!