Some colleagues are great to work with, some colleagues are just nightmares. I have a colleague that belongs to the later group. So far, she is the worst colleague I ever have. She always makes appointments with customers and says she is going to call them at certain time. However, the members in my team always receive phones from customers saying “I have been waiting for her call for the past few hours.” Sometimes we are lucky enough to transfer the call to her, but most of them times she is just “unavailable”. The worst situation is that she goes home already and the customers ask us why she is so unreliable.

She is also careless. It is alright if she gets those phone calls herself, but it is not the case. My team is the first line who receives those kind of phone calls, and sometimes we have to try to smooth things out before we have a chance to transfer the calls. Big headache, as if we do not have enough works to do already.