Got the new computer on Monday, it is huge, much much bigger than my mini computer. Finally found a place to put it, right next to my chair. It’s hot sitting next to the computer, all the heat comes out from the case. Guess it’s a good thing, don’t need to worry about overheating.

Although the new computer came with pre-installed XP, but I don’t like the way they installed it. Hence, I reinstalled XP from CD. When I tried to activate the XP, it said already exceed the number of times it can be activated, and I have to call the customer service to solve the problem. Far out! I paid a lot for this CD, and I cannot reinstall the computer as many times as I want. M$ should change this, they should know how unstable their system is and that users need to reinstall the computer as often as possible. Yeah yeah, I can use other OS than XP, but I’m too lazy to learn that now.

So anyway, I called M$ customer service line and got a new number to activate it. Then started to install all the security patch and SP2. Had problem when installing SP2, computer hung, so I restarted the computer and it became really unstable. Removed SP2, then reinstall again. Bleh, took nearly two hours just for that. Not to mention all other programs. It is Wednesday now, and I haven’t finished everything yet. Hopefully, everything will be OK after this weekend.