It’s a lazy day for me, here is what happened today:

I first woke up before 7 something, looked at the time, thinking too early and forced myself to go back to sleep until 8. Got out of the bed, didn’t do anything besides sitting on the chair and listening to music.

Went shopping around 10 something, bought some food so I can cook tomorrow. Now I cook on the weekend, one dish but can last for whole week. By doing so, I don’t need to worry about what to eat for lunch at work. However, I ran out of ideas on what I can cook tomorrow, I think I’ll just cook beef and make some meat balls.

Saw a pair of shoes, I like the style, but I don’t like the material and the color. But it looks nice, still thinking maybe I should get it. Maybe I will buy it tomorrow.

Took a nap in the afternoon, had two dreams. I don’t usually dream when I sleep at night. But I usually dream if I take naps. Although I can’t remember what the dreams were about now, they felt real at that time. Felt like I was actually doing whatever I was doing and talking to the people appeared in my dreams. Maybe I was sleep talking?

Nothing much is on TV today, although they replayed Lost and Desperate Housewives, saw those already.

Now, it is nearly 11. One household in the opposite building is having party. Those people are standing on the balcony talking and laughing loudly. Wonder if I can call police and give them a warning. eh.. I’m bad.