Recently, I saw a lot of news about people get fired by their companies because of their blogs. I think the main reason is because that those people expressed their concerns about their companies, or they exposed some kind of “secrets” of the companies.

I don’t understand why people can get themselves fired because they express their feelings through their blogs. Maybe those companies think it is a bad thing for the employee to speak evil of the company? Wondering if those companies’ managers take a minute or two to think why their employees are not happy with the companies.

I think everyone needs to sign some sort of NDA when first joins a company and is not allowed to share “company secrets” with outsiders. However, it is sometimes hard to distinguish what are secrets and what are not. Especially when everyone is talking about certain things in the office so casually.

I’m also wondering, how those companies found those blogs. Do they have someone surfing on the net all day long and looking through each blogs? I want to get a job like that.