I was restless and nearly bored to death at home earlier this morning, so I decided to go for a walk down to Crows Nest. Today’s weather is prefect for a little walk, not too warm, not too cold, a cloudy day.

I decided to go into Woolworth to have a look, I have never been to this Woolworth before although it is just about 20 minutes away by walking. I like it, it has more things than the little pissy Coles express downstairs of my building. It has more varieties of food and groceries.

While I browsed through each shelf trying to find some interesting things to buy, I heard this woman saying “excuse me, I’m shopping here!” in a harsh tone to another woman. I thought maybe they were fighting for the same thing. I turned my head try to see what’s happening, nothing! The second woman was just walking pass the first woman. Then I heard the second woman asking “what did I do?” and the first woman said “if you think you can buy my food, then you are wrong”. “OKAY”, I thought, the first woman is a little bit koo koo.

I didn’t care much and continued with my adventure in the supermarket. When I was looking for a shower gel, I walked pass that strange woman again, then I stopped next to her. There were also other people walking around in that area trying to get pass her. Then she opened her mouth again, “I can’t see the label here, go away bleh bleh” and shout at other people. Maybe she shouted at me as well, but I don’t care. I don’t think she was talking directly to me, if she did, I think I will ask her to get her eyes and brain checked.