Just came back from city, I went to city to visit my dad and he’s leaving tomorrow. Went there to pick up some supplies from him.

When I arrived at the train station after leaving dad’s hotel, there was one train just closed the door and departed. I looked at the monitor, it said next train was just 8 minutes away. Okay, that’s not too bad, found a place to sit down and relax. I looked around, looked at other people, at few drops of rain and at the sky. Then I looked at the monitor again, the next train was still 8 minutes away, that’s not right, 3 minutes must have passed since I first at the monitor. Okay, that’s not too bad, the train may just a little bit late.

Then things got worse, the information on the monitor kept changing. One minute is train A, next minute is train B, and the minutes showed on the monitor was getting longer and longer. Seems like none of the train was ready to be seen, both of them was still putting on make up and want to be the later one so it can get bigger attention.

Finally, one train arrived, I got on the train, found myself a so so spot to sit. wait, wait, and after 3 minutes, the train still hasn’t moved. Then the announcer said, we are experiencing some technical difficulties, and will be ready to depart in few minutes. At least I was sitting down, not standing while waiting. Finally, the train moved, but it stopped again just after it left the platform. The good thing is that the train started moving again very soon.

Finally I got home, after what seems like an endless waiting. If I got the train station one minute earlier, I would be home at least half hour earlier. Don’t know much about trains in other cities, but Sydney train is really really terrible.