I like to play with candles, and so far, I haven’t set my house on fire yet. However, small accidents do happen from time to time, candle wax on carpet. Bits here and there. I’m renting, so everytime I see those candle wax spots, I worry if the real estate agent would see those and charge me for changing carpet.

Today, I was bored at work in the early, and thought, maybe I should google some cleaning those wax methods. At first, someone said use ice to dry the wax and the scrape it off with a butter knife. I tried something like that before, but I didn’t use the ice and I was using a utility knife. I got some off, not all, cause I was afraid I would damage the carpet too much and cut it.

Then saw someone said use the brown paper bag, cut it into pieces, and place it on the spot and iron it. It WORKED! Although some people also said use newspaper or paper towel, I only have a brown paper bag at home. I have paper towel too, but down to the last piece, I want to keep it for other use. Maybe I’ll try the newspaper next time. Now I can play candles anyway I like.