I read an article on ZDNet about the employees work at call centers in India. There are more and more companies move the call centers to India cause of cheaper labor. In that article, it pointed out the turnover rate at those call centers is high. Although the higher than usual salary rate attracts a lot of people working at the call centers at beginning. A lot of people leave the companies because of the working hours and they think it is a dead end, it doesn’t have much room for further promotions.

I totally agree with those people. Compared with other call centers, the company I’m working for do have a so so working hours, at least there’s no grave yard shifts now. I do think this job is a total dead end. Not like I want a promotion, but I feel like I can’t learn anything new any more. I feel bored at work everyday, even when there are a lot of things need to be done, I still feel bored.