Went to have MRI done this morning. Made an appointment at 9:15, arrived there around 9 o’clock, went through pre-scan checkups (filling out the form, stating I don’t have this and that, then sign the form), then I was taken to the waiting area for the scan.

I waited for a long time, finished two magazines! Then someone came out and took me to the changing room. The note says that the “patients” have to remove all the clothes besides under pants and socks. After I changed into the gown, put all my things in the locker, the radiologist asked me to sit on a chair and wait some more because the person in front of me need to retake his scan.

So I just sat there and waiting and waiting, and that person was still talking to some other people. Apparently that person is some doctor, who has some sort of hearing problem. I don’t think he booked his scan session, he just squeezed himself in. Anyway, I spent most of the time just waiting.

I think I’m getting better at getting scanned, I didn’t move once and still felt okay. Maybe next time they’ll have some kind of monitor built to the MRI machine so I can watch programs while being scanned. It is kind of boring just looking at the machine itself.