Today, I sent out the first item I ever sold on eBay, it was a PS2 game, already can’t remember how much I paid for it at that time. I have so many things at home that I don’t use, I told myself not to buy anything any more, as I don’t use them and it can also save me money. However, every time I see something in the shop, I want to buy it, even I know I may just use it once or twice.

Now, eBay provides a so so way for me to get rid of all those things. Although I can only get a tiny bit of original price back(depends on the items actually, some can sell for a not too bad price), it is better than nothing.

I posted 10 items, 7 are now marked as sold, and 3 will end by tomorrow. I have received money for one item, which I have posted it today. Waiting for the other 6 items to be paid, one person said she will pay by today, the other person said will pay shortly, and one said will pay on Thursday. Haven’t heard of anything from the other three people yet.

Well, I think I’ll dig up more junk and sell them on eBay.