Not sure where to begin, I have this colleague, who bugs me. For starter, I don’t really like other people touch me, besides a few, but she likes to lean on me. Lucky she’s not heavy heavy. When she has nothing to do at work, she may wonder around to my desk and see what I’m reading on the net. Sometimes it is ok if I’m just reading the news, but I don’t particularly like to share my emails or bank details with my colleagues.

She wants to do too many things, a lot of times I really want to tell her “That’s not your job! Leave it to someone who knows how to deal with it!” Yeah, I know she tries to help, but one person can only know so much, so it’s better to leave them to the professionals. She tells not so funny jokes.

One more thing, she keeps her life as a secret, that’s nothing, but she is trying to get into other people’s life, which is annoying.