I had a strange dream last night. In the dream, I was on a trip with people I know from past and present, and there was a tour guide, who I did not know who he was. There were seven people in my dream, including the tour guide. It was nearly bedtime in my dream, everyone was on the bed. There were only two beds, but very big beds, both can fit 4 people. I was in the same bed with the tour guide and another person.

Everyone was happy at the beginning, everyone was in the bed, and the tour guide was sharing his traveling stories with us. Then everyone was tired and ready to sleep, the other person, who was in the same bed with me went to have a shower. There were only the tour guide and me in the bed. Suddenly, the tour guide grabbed my left arm and forced me to touch him. I was scared, and tried to move as far away from him. I did not want to wake others, I did not want others to know.

It got worse, next thing I knew, the tour guide was on top of me and trying to get inside of me. I could not move, he was very heavy that I could not push him away, and my legs were totally under his body. I yelled out “help me! He is trying to rape me!”. The four people on the other bed woke up and looked at us, the tour guide stopped his movement. At first, the four people did not believe I was under attack, but they did ask the tour guide to get out of me. As soon as I was free, I ran to the other part of the room as soon as possible. Then I woke up.