On my way home from office today, I caused a little car accident. It started when I across the main road half way. The big 4WD driver thought he had enough time to turn left before I walked into his path, so he turned, and there was no accident. However, because his 4WD was so big, that the taxi driver behind him could not see me on the road. Just right before the taxi hit me, the driver stepped on the break and the car stopped just in time. That’s where the problem happened. The driver of car behind the taxi saw the taxi started moving, and he started to drive, but he did not stop his car in time, so his car ran into the taxi’s rear.

I’m not really sure if it was because of me walking across the road, but I’m sure that the car should give way to the pedestrians. Especially when the pedestrian’s light is green. I blame the 4WD driver, he should have be patient and wait until I across the road totally before he made his turn. If I was hit by the taxi today, I would definitely involve the 4WD driver into this.

I did not wait there until both drivers to sort out the accident, should I?