I’m reading Hitchhacker’s Guide To The Galaxy at the moment. Saw the movie already, it is different from the book. I like the robot, Marvin, in the movie, it looks so cute, big big round head. The robot is very depressed, worse than me, but he has other people around him. The more I read the book, the more I want to be the robot.

Recently, I want to move back to Taiwan and live with my parents. I feel so lonely living by myself, there is no one to talk to at home. Very often, I only say two or three sentences for the whole weekend. Sometimes I talk a lot to few people I meet in the smoking area at my office. I don’t really want to talk to them, but I cannot help myself. I just want to talk to someone.

I read an article on the internet the other day, it talked about the marriage line in the hand. I checked the picture and my hand, I couldn’t find it in my hand, is that mean I’ll never get married?!?! Well, I also checked other people’s hands and try to find the marriage line, so far, I haven’t seen any. Maybe I just don’t know if those little lines are so called marriage lines or not.