The supervisor asked me to have lunch earlier today so he could go home earlier, he started early today. However, I didn’t think it doesn’t matter what time he goes home. In his mind, there should be at least two people in our team available over the phone. However, he is not available all the time. If only he and one person are available, he still doesn’t answer the calls when the other person is already on the phone. Hence, it doesn’t really matter if he’s in the office or not.

Well, since I started, I just continue bitching about him. He always offers help when he talks to someone. When that person is not around, he starts to complain on how stupid/lazy he/she is, and always dump everything on him bleh bleh. If you don’t want to help, don’t offer it. Also, he sometimes talks in a disgusting soft voice and that annoys me very much.

A lot of times, when we discover something that is not right and report to him, he would say that’s not our job, don’t need to be nosy. However, he is the one who gets some ideas which is totally unrelated to our job and then ask us to do it. For example, one time, something hit him and then he just asked us to ask our clients for feedbacks on our products and services. It was totally not our area, we are there to provide support, to troubleshoot. Gathering feedback is the sales job. The information we gathered were just some surface, with sales, they could have talked to the higher levels and could have gotten more information. At the end, information we gathered turned out to be just some documents and no one really cares about it.