For the past few days, we were learning new things and setting up computers for the clients. We have little lab for us to practice and set computers up. There are a lot of computers but not enough monitors. Plus, we still have to do our usual jobs, so things are pretty hectic.

As there are not enough monitors, we usually move the cable from one computer to another computer. A lot of the times, a monitor on top of one computer is actually connect to the computer two computers next to it. Very often, you can see almost everyone moves the mouse and yell “what the hell happened?” “why the cursor is not moving?!?!”. Then you would hear someone says “because it’s connected to that computer!”.

Today, we were in the final preparation before shipping three computers to a client, and I was using the labeling machine trying to label all the USB cables so they know which device should plug into which USB port. Our helpdesk guy saw me using the labeling machine, then he asked “What are you doing?” I said “Label them, so the client knows how to connect the devices”. Then, the guy said “but we are not shipping the devices to them, just the machine”. I looked at my supervisor, he was the one who asked me to do it, he was covering his face trying to hide.

Well, everyone had a busy day today.