Well, nothing much happened in the office on Friday. It is either super busy or super quiet on Fridays. Last Friday was a little bit different. It was the last day at the office for one of my colleagues, so there was a little gathering in the office to say good bye. We went out last Thursday night for the farewell party. She came to our company about two years ago, she is a very friendly and bubbly person, and she is cute. A little bit sad that she left the company. There are quite a few turnover since I joined this company, maybe because we are in the call center environment.

On Thursday night at the party, I found out that one of my colleagues is five-month pregnant and I thought she was just getting fatter. Our company is like a little baby factory. Two girls pregnant and gave birth not long after they left the company. One girl gave birth to two kids while she was working here. My manager also had a baby boy last December, though his wife is not working for the company. I want to have a child too, but my current situation wouldn’t allow me give her/him a good environment to grow up.

My manager took his baby to work few weeks ago, he is a cute baby. I saw a lot of babies are afraid of strangers. They stare at you, and the eyebrows getting closer and closer and finally start to cry. This baby is different, he stares at you, the eyebrows getting closer and closer and then let out big giggles. Such a cute baby.