Went out with friends I know from Internet on Saturday night for dinner. It is kind of sad that I don’t have any friends that I know from the real world. I know all my friends on the Internet. However, I know most of them in real life now, so I guess it is alright.

We went to a German pub, Lawenbrau, at The Rocks. They said the mango beer there rocks, but I don’t like it. I had a little sip, it made me feel sick. I like the chicken schnitzel there. Lawenbrau is expensive, just fish and chips costs 27 dollars! Chicken schnitzel is 23 dollars, which is okay.

I went home straight after dinner, some of them went for a little walk to the opera house because they couldn’t drive home after drinking. They had to wait for an hour before they can get behind the wheels. It was Saturday night and it was long weekend, a lot of police on the road waiting to catch people.

It was fun.