Sitting on 30 for few days, nothing special happened, which is good. No news is good news.

It’s big sales time in Australia at the moment, almost everything is on sale. Bought myself a new handbag, so I can put my lunch in it. Well, that was what I thought originally. However, I just realized that the bag is divided into three layers, so I may not be able to put my lunch box in. Well, will have a chance to try after I get back to work. I started to wonder if this holiday is a good idea or not. Seems like I want to go shopping everyday! OH! How I wish the houses are on sale too, so I can afford one. Okay, I admit I’m just dreaming.

So, what have I been doing so far? I have been looking for another place to stay. Somewhere not far from where I am at the moment, somewhere cheaper, has a car park space and will be great if it has a bathtub as well. Nothing is available so far. I’m bit late, most places are taken already. I’m just wondering, if they are taken, why those stupid real estate agents still put the ads on the net. What do I think about most real estate agents in Sydney? They are a bunch fucked up and arrogant idiots! My current agent is good though, I don’t mind staying here.