Went to see my doctor yesterday, gosh, she’s expensive, she increased her consultation fee for 10 dollars from last month. Anyway, she said my last MRI scan, which was taken in March, showed that the thing is much smaller when compared with the scan I took in 2001, and it is no longer a threat to my visual ability. This is a good news, came just in time when I am ready to give up. It means that the medicine is working properly.

This is not a big problem for me, but it has been there for few years already and I’m tired of this. On the other hand, I’m so proud of myself that I remember to take the medicine every week for the past few years. However, I found out that it is expensive to have this kind of problem. It’s not life threatening, but have to keep an eye on it. Need to do the blood tests, regular doctor visit, and necessary scans, not to mention the money paid for the medicine. Lucky, Australia has a good health system and it pays most of my expenses. For example, now I just pay AUD30 something for the medicine compared with AUD80 something when I was on oversea student visa. That’s not too bad.