For some reason, I am unable to sleep at the moment. Had a long day at work today, none stop working and I’m actually very tired right now, but I just can’t sleep. We “won” a client over our competitor not long ago, and we started to get really busy recently, will only become busier in the next few months. Things will go live in the next few months. On the surface, it seems like we did win the client over. However, by looking into the details, it is not hard to find that this client is actually going down hills. It may take a long time for our company to benefit from this new contract or we may actually lose money because of this contract.

One of my team mate sent in his resignation not long ago, and this may be his last week. Why may? It is because we are very busy at the moment, and the managers want to keep him as long as possible until the replacement catches up. However, he wants to leave the company as early as possible, and it is still in the talk. This situation has been dragging on for the last three weeks. For me, it’ll only get worse if he stays longer.

I think I finally know what I want. It seems like I’ll never find the other half, so I just want to own a little place for myself. Maybe a little garden too. It will be nice to grow something myself.

Started to read the new Harry Potter book, don’t want to finish it soon this time. Try to keep the reading time under half hour each day. It feels like as soon as I finish the book, it’ll be the end of happiness for me.