Can’t believe it’s still Wednesday, still two more days to go till weekend, and also end of my long working hours. 9-hour a day is not long for workaholics and I believe a lot people work longer than that everyday. For me, 8-hour a day doing this job is already too long for me. Anywayz.

Had lunch with my dad today. I won’t be able to go to city to meet him after work, I’m always dead after work in the past two weeks, and it’s getting worse these days. I cannot stop shaking my legs when I’m standing nor stop hands from shaking when making coffees. So, anyway, my dad came here by train. Poor poor Daddy, he just arrived here this morning and if I go to see him after work tonight, he would be sleeping this afternoon. Then we would have dinner together. Anywayz, he only took a short nap before he came here, we had lunch together, then he went back to his hotel and I came back to office. Actually, it’s not bad to see my parents once in a while. I think it is nearly one year since I saw my mom last time. Guess I’m not really close to my family.