I was in Gold Coast for the MS event for the last five days. We arrived on Monday, I was hoping I could install our software and get everything up and running. However, nothing went as I planned, only one computer was ready, seven computers were physically there, but they didn’t have the OS installed. We asked for 10 computers, only eight were presented. We waited there for ages and I couldn’t do anything. At the end, we were also told that there was a problem with internet connection, basically, there was no connection.

There was no point for us to wait at the convention center as There was nothing I could do. Luckily, my colleague bought her laptop with her, so when we got back to the hotel after dinner, I installed our software on her laptop so we could download the necessary files. That was a smart move. I didn’t sleep well on Monday night, because I was worried about what would happen the next day when people turn up and nothing was ready, I was also worried about the file downloading, plus the pillows at the hotel were too soft.

It was a very terrible day for us.