Well, on Tuesday, we arrived at the place early and I finishes setting up everything just in time for people to take the exams. MS offered 100 free exams, some of the examines booked more than 1 exam in advance. There were quite a few people turned up and asking about exams. I only talked to the examines on the phone before and this time I had a chance to talk to them face to fact, it felt totally different. Most of the examines are very friendly and I was very happy that I could help them. I also felt sorry for them. During the normal exams, the examines have to sit in a quiet area, usually in a room, to take their exams. However, during the event, the organizers put us in an open area, where was also the breakout area. There were lots of people talking and walking around during morning/afternoon tea time and lunch time. The ear plugs we provided to the examines didn’t help to block out the noise. Well, there was nothing else we could do to improve the situation, when we realized what would happen, it was too late for us to ask for another area.

I remember this walking carrot, this guy who wore a orange shirt and orange pants most of the time, mis-read the information on the website and showed up one day earlier wanted to take the exam. He didn’t admit that he misunderstood the website and insisted that we gave the wrong information. At the end, we had to offer him a free exam so he wouldn’t bother us any more.

There was another examine, who passed 4 exams in two days and got the certificate. I envy him. After each exam, he always said he didn’t study and didn’t expect to pass. My colleagues said he was full of himself, he probably studied a lot before taking the exams. However, I think that is what he does everyday, so he has all the acknowledge already and doesn’t need to study at all.

Then there were two examines, both booked 7 exams in two days, but they were not as lucky as the previous one. Both of them only passed two exams.

The last examine took his exam at a very terrible condition, and I felt sorry for him. The event organizers told us that everything closes at 6 PM on the last day, but they didn’t tell us that the workers would start packing everything up from 3 PM. Hence, when this examine took his exam, workers were tearing everything down and banging here and there. The workers were also talking loudly on how they should just move the chair with the guy on it so the workers could do their jobs. Well, lucky he passed his exam, but he wasn’t too happy.