I didn’t spend much this time because the other two colleagues paid for everything, they will claim the expenses back from the company anyway. As we were working very hard and we didn’t get proper lunches, we all thought we should reward ourselves with nice dinners every night, and the company can pay for us.

First night we had Italian food, there is nothing much to say about this one. Second night we had Indian food, it was the first time I ate Indian food in a proper Indian restaurant. I’m not a huge curry fan but it was still nice. I had a piece of lamb, I never had lamb before, long story, and I was having a hard time to swallow that. Even with the strong taste of curry, I could still taste the special flavor of the lamb.

We had Thai food on the third night. We were sitting in a little something (don’t know what it is called in English) and it felt great, should have taken a photo but I totally forgot about it. By the third day, things were much smoother than the first two days, so I was bit relaxed and was able to enjoy the dinner more. The fourth night was a total knock out, we went to another Italian restaurant, the food was super nice! Plus the music they played in the restaurant and one of the waiter (I think he might be the owner there) was singing along the song. Although the restaurant itself looks a little bit dodge, but the atmosphere was really cozy and the food was superb. I wish I have noted down the name of the restaurant, but I didn’t.

On the fifth night, we had Mexican food, and that was the first time ever for me to have Mexican food. I like the nacho and I also tried the rice. Mexican rice is very hard, totally different from the soft Asian style rice.