Okay, this is related to the other entry few days ago, about the supervisor thing. I just paste what the supervisor logged in the report: Only one thing I have suggested to Amanda to do bleh bleh but that time other bleh bleh. Changed some words, just in case.

Anyway, it’s a long story. What I’m not happy about is, he was not in the office when the client called, and I was having my lunch in the breakout area. The team leader from the other team called me back to my desk to solve the problem.

After I hung up the phone with the client, supervisor came back to office from what ever he was doing. I reported the incident to him and said I was trying to do bleh bleh but that time other bleh bleh. I was the one who came up with the solution and I was the one who solved the problem at the time. All he did was listening to my report and said yes, right, nothing else we can do bleh bleh.

Now in the report, he logged it as he was here when the client called, he was next to me listening to the phone, and he came up with the solution. All I did was just talked to the client.

I make him look good in front of the management team, but does he make me look good? Or he just tries to push the responsibilites to his team when bad things happens?