Went shopping today, was planning to buy makeup removal products only, ended up with some undies, Chinese noodles, makeup removal and two nail polish colors. Also checked the FM transmitter for iPod in the shop and marked for $79, I didn’t get it from the shop, still don’t think it is very necessary. Came home and checked the price online, the website sells the same thing only for $60 with free shipping.

The work is bothering me a lot recently, I really want to quit, don’t feel the passion any more. When I first joined this team, I was really happy, I thought I could make everything works. Now, I’m really frustrated about the work and I’m not happy with the company. The company changed a lot in the past two years, can’t say if it’s for better or for worse, guess no one can tell that at the moment. However, I don’t think everyone is ready for this change, more things need to be done, complicated things need to know, and the pressure from the vendors. I’m planning to quit at the end of January, but not sure if I can last that long.