Had a few drinks with some of the colleagues after work today, because one of them is leaving to work the oversea office. I asked her if the company is going to pay for her relocation, she said no. She asked the company if she can work there because she is moving there for family reason, and the company agrees. It’s more like the company offered her a job over there.

However, I think the company also thinks it is a good idea that she works from that particular country so it is easier for the company to manager things over there. At the end, the company still benefits from her relocation. If the company doesn’t think they need someone over there, they would have said no and that is it.

It’s just like not long ago, the company dismissed a few people from my team because they thought it would be better if they hire people locally. The company didn’t even bother to ask if the employees would like to relocate. The company is not doing anything wrong, it is just trying to reduce the running cost, but I still wish it is not that selfish.