Bought a pair of MBT shoes yesterday at city. Oh yeah, I went to city on Saturday and then went there again on Sunday, two days in a row, which is very rare for me. But for the shoe, I made it. The first time I saw the shoe was on “A Current Affair” TV program, and the topic was “The fight against cellulite“. After the experiment, the shoe is the most effective way when compared with massage and gel. I don’t have much cellulite to fight against, only a little bit. However, my ass is getting bigger and bigger because I sit on the chair all day long. I don’t mind it’s getting bigger, as long as it’s firm, it’s fine with me. BUT! My ass is not firm either, it’s getting worse and worse. After I saw the show, I was thinking about buying a pair.

On Saturday, my friend and I walked to city from Chinatown after lunch because we ate too much and needed to walk all the food off. I remembered that the MBT website said the Peter Sheppard in the city sells the shoe, so I went there and checked it out, the one I liked costs AUD359 and it put me off, I didn’t even try it on and just left there. That night, I was talking to the same friend and said I wished I had bought the shoe things like that. Then we decided that we would go back to city on Sunday to buy it.

On Sunday morning, I started to wonder if I really want to buy it because it’s quite expensive. My friend said “just try it on first, you don’t have to buy if you don’t want to”. I thought, yeah, why not. Went to the shop, asked the sales assistant for help. After I put the shoes on and I stood up, I felt so different. My friend said my back became very straight suddenly, and I understood why the company claims this shoe can help with the back problem. I walked inside the shop with the shoes for a while, didn’t want to take them off. Yeah, I bought the sport grey one at the end after trying all three colors.

The best thing is a training CD comes with the shoes, so I don’t need to go to gym to exercise. I can just follow the CD and do the exercise at home.