I was attacked by a moth the other night.

I was in bed, lights were off, I was ready to sleep. Then I heard flip flip sound, it sounded like some insect is flying around. At first, I was hoping it was my neighbour doing some strange things, then the sound moved closer and closer, I then knew it was inside my apartment. I got up, turn the light on, ready to find whatever it was, kill it so I could go back to sleep. Of course I could just leave it alone, but I don’t want it climbing on my face and ended up in my mouth when I’m sleeping.

As soon as I turned the light on, I saw this giant flying object pa da pa da around. Think the light surprised it. I didn’t want to use any spray, because the window was closed and I don’t want to poison myself. I rolled up a magazine and held it in my hand. I then waved my arm around trying to hit it. Of course, the moth did not want to be hit by me, and it tried to attack me as well! It flew so close to me, I thought it touched me for one second. At the end, I hit it by accident and it fell onto the floor. I picked it up with the magazine and put it in the rubbish bin.