Can’t believe I have this blog for nearly a year. I have no idea I could keep this going consider I have no patient, and usually lose interests about certain things two or three days after started.

I guess a lot of things changed over the past year, I am one year older for one. Some friends come and go, some colleagues come and go. Some people got married, and some have kids now. Luckily, everyone I know is still alive and well, which is good. There are so many uncertainties in one’s life, I may be hit by a car tomorrow or I may win the first division of Power Ball this week, who knows? Well, I’m not saying I buy Power Ball tickets every week, it is just an example, I have no extra money for the tickets even if I want to buy.

Although some things changed, some did not. I’m still in the same company doing the same job. I am still single and still living by myself. I still hold grudges towards certain people (OH! Come on! Don’t tell me you never hold grudge toward anyone).

I think that’s all for now, let’s see if I still have a blog one year from now.