I am looking for a new site for my blog. I am too lazy to study for everything little things I want to have on my blog, so I am looking for one that has everything I like. At the moment, I am playing around on the blogdrive.com. It has few functions, which I quite like. However, it has a lot of ads, which is terrible. I can get rid of the ads but I need to pay for the service.

I learnt how to make favicon, if you look in the address bar, you should be able to see a little blue square with three little colored squares in it. It’s very good, but it is a start. I am not good at design, I am not good at coming up with interesting designs. I just use few simple lines, squares or circles to make one.

Also, I found a tagboard, which I have on a testing blog, maybe I’ll link that to here. Blogger may be the best one for me after all. We’ll see.