Company had X’mas party last night. The main event was dinner at a teppanyaki restaurant. The food was terrible, but it was very entertaining. Food was thrown at everyone, every where. I caught a row egg in the bowl without any accident, but I couldn’t catch a cooked egg with my mouth, it’s just too difficult for me.

Most of us then went to a pub, I think it is the Whisper Lounge at Equilibrium Hotel in the city. Most of the managers went and it was a great fun. I had few drinks and became tipsy, danced with colleagues but didn’t get to meet any cute guy! Oh well, it was dark there. What amazed me was that they have beds there, so if you get tired from dancing, you can just lie down, how thoughtful!

I didn’t know that there are so many dancers in the company, they are good at it, especially our vice president. When he dances, there is a sexiness in his dance! Everyone was so out there, totally enjoyed themselves. For those people who didn’t go, they missed out big time.

Most people left earlier than me. I left there just before mid night, I wanted to stay, senior managers were still there by the time I left, but I needed to catch train, and I was too sleepy.

It was really a great night out for me. There was also a totally unexpected event, which I may put on here later.