Bumped into my ex accidentally last night. It was after the dinner and on the way to the club. I was alone at that time. One group ran faster than me (because it was raining), the other group walked very slow (they seemed enjoy the rain). So, there I was, all by myself. Then I saw his friend and then I saw him.

He was on the phone, so I chatted to his friend while waiting for him to get off the phone. Why I need to talk to him? Because I needed to, for the money he promised but not yet returned. His friend was nice, but there were too many thoughts on my mind so I didn’t really talk to him much. However, my ex’s attitude was terrible. He made me feel that I was asking him for help while I was just trying to get back what is mine. I also hate myself for not double checking his mobile number last night now.

I talked to him face to face, all by myself. I wanted to get some of my colleagues to stand by my side. I needed support to say what I really wanted to say to him. But I was all alone!

I didn’t think I would saw him again just like that on the street, even though I imagined it very often, never thought it would happen in real.