Had a busy weekend, went out on both Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday was kind of hot, nearly 30 degree. Went to Chatswood, had sushi train, and did some shopping there. Bought myself a new keyboard and mouse. I wasn’t very sure if I really wanted to buy and the sales said he would give me discount if I buy them. I said okay and told my friend that I was going to buy. My friend then asked me if I got any discount, I replied, of course, I’m too cute not to have discount. It was not meant to be heard by anyone besides my friend as I was just joking like usual. But the sales person heard it, and he was laughing. OH MY! I wished there was a hole and I could hide inside it.

Walked for nearly 3 and half hours, and while I was waiting for the train home, I had a little headache. The little headache turned into big headache by the time I went to bed. Couldn’t sleep well due to the headache.

Today, I went to city today with the sleepiness. I found out that my mobile phone contract has ended already, so I can keep stay there, or sign another contract and get a new phone for free. Hence, I think I can get myself a pink color phone. Didn’t get the phone today because I didn’t bring the necessary paper work to transfer the number to another carrier. I want to keep the same mobile number.

Oh yeah! Took a photo with my phone yesterday and here it is. The quality is a little bit strange, but good enough for now.